Battery Replacement

When the car battery is weak, it is time for a battery replacement. That’s why you should choose Manchester Tyre Guys, the no.1 Manchester mobile tyre service. 

Car batteries are normally located under the bonnet. In modern vehicles the starter battery can also be installed in other locations in the car. Nowadays, only about 58% of batteries are set up under the bonnet. About 40% are located in the boot and in the remaining automobiles the battery is even in the guest cabin. How do you change the battery?


Which battery do I require ?


A brand-new battery needs to be bought prior to the battery replacement. Here, the recommendations of the manufacturer matter. The following criteria matter for the choice of battery:


Battery group sizes


The battery group size explains the standardized size of the automobile battery, however often numerous sizes of battery can be set up in a vehicle. Here too, the battery install is typically developed to accommodate numerous sizes of battery.


Electrical voltage

With just a few exceptions, in the vehicle sector there are now just 12V batteries. On the other hand, some vintage cars require unique 6V batteries. In this case, a 12V battery can not be set up, as the electrical components would be destroyed by the greater voltage.

Large industrial vehicles typically have a 24V system. For this, 2 12V batteries are connected in series.


Cold start current

A high cold start current (CCA) guarantees a good start and is specifically important in cold winter weather. The worth on the label is identified by a standardized test procedure (in Europe by EN 50342-1) at a temperature level of -18 ° C.



The second crucial worth on the label explains the capability (Ah) of the battery. The capacity is determined with a standardized test procedure and describes just how much charge can be withdrawn from the battery prior to it being totally discharged.


While the cold start current was primarily crucial for conventional automobiles, in modern automobiles with a large number of start-stop systems and electrical parts, the capacity is becoming increasingly important. Learn more about the best battery replacement for a start stop car.


For a small automobile with just a few electrical components, a battery with 40– 45 Ah suffices. Premium class lorries and cars are geared up with batteries with capacities of as much as 110 Ah. The charge capacity of an automobile battery minimizes with increasing age and depends on elements such as ambient temperatures and humidity.


How do I discover the very best battery for my car ?

With the vast array of starter batteries with different innovations and power classes, the option is often tough. The VARTA Partner Portal for our partner workshops and the VARTA Battery Search for customers makes it simple to select the ideal battery.


How do I set up the new battery ?

The directions by the vehicle producer should be followed for the installation of the new battery. Please also keep in mind the info from the battery maker in the pamphlet for the safe handling of batteries. To prevent reverse polarity, the plan of the favorable and unfavorable terminals should be noted before eliminating the old battery. Naturally, the engine must also be switched off and key removed.


In modern cars the starter battery can likewise be set up in other locations in the car. A brand-new battery has actually to be purchased prior to the battery replacement. The battery group size describes the standardized size of the cars and truck battery, but often several sizes of battery can be set up in a car. Here too, the battery mount is generally developed to accommodate various sizes of battery.


Please note the information from the battery maker in the booklet for the safe handling of batteries.

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